OGLTreeCreator - products
OGLTreeCreator is a tool for creating three dimensional trees which can be used in games, in programs for generating landscapes and other applications.
The Full Version provides 3 algorithms and additional one algorithm for creating leafs.
Price of the full version: 20€.
Only one algorithm is available in the Demo Version and additional one algorithm for creating leafs. Settings for leafs will be saved, but are not considered on reloading. There is no time limitation. (download ...)
  • parameter driven (no random parameters); identical parameters leads to identical results
  • changes to settings are visible immediately
  • preview from all sides
  • simple to use
  • export to dxf, x-Mesh files (DirectX) for using in other software ( f.e. Blender (www.blender.org))
You can create trees with only a few polygons ... lowPoly
highPoly ... up to thousands of polygons.
Moving within preview window (mouse - keyboard - combinations)
left mouse button + moving mouse to the left/right turning around the model
right mouse button + moving mouse up/down zoom
left mouse button + Shift + moving mouse up/down moving camera position up/down
left mouse button + Control + moving mouse up/down moving camera view up/down